The Association of SinoCan Petroleum Engineering | Mission
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The Association of SinoCan Petroleum Engineering (ASPE) is a non-profit, non-political group of professionals working in the petroleum industry in Canada. The association is managed by a group of volunteers.

ASPE mission: 1) to enhance career development for professionals and students in the petroleum industry through exchange of knowledge, continue education, social networking, and 2) to promote connections with professionals to facilitate mutual understanding and information exchange of the petroleum industry in Canada and China.

ASPE holds regular professional presentations on subjects covering petroleum seismic, geology, drilling, completion, production and reservoir engineering, and organizes social activity and technical seminars.


ASPE的使命是: 1)通过知识交流、教育、社交来促进石油行业中专业人士和学生的职业发展. 2)推动与中国石油行业专业人士的联系,促进加拿大和中国石油工业的相互理解与交流。