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Completion Engineering 完井工程

Mr. Hai Long Wang


About the speaker

Mr. Hai Long Wang was graduated from the Petroleum University of China (East China) in 2000. He worked for Sinopec Shengli Oil Filed as a production engineer on offshore production platforms from 2000 to 2003. He joined Kerr-McGee China in 2003 and worked as a well site clerk on offshore drilling rig in Bohai Bay.


In 2005, Hai Long joined Schlumberger as completion technical sales support engineer. During the time in Beijing, he took different positions from technical support, sales to sales manager. He was transferred to Canada in 2012 and worked as completions technical sales support engineer.


10 years with Schlumberger, Hai Long has gone through a lot of completion training; he has worked on many completion projects including conventional completion, sand control, smart completion, multistage stimulation, multilateral completion etc.. He has worked on HPHT gas well completion, offshore oil well sand control, deep water completion, gas storage completion, gas hydrate well completion feasibility study, CO2 injection completion, multistage stimulation, SAGD, and CSS completion.



Presentation Abstract

The presentation is an overall introduction of well completions. The objective is to let the audience to have a general understanding of what completion is, and what need to be considered for a completion design. Also, the commonly used completion for unconventional oil sand in western Canada will be presented in details. Some lessons learned will be shared at the end of the presentation.

  • What is well completion?
  • Different completion methods and design considerations.
  • Some multistage stimulation completions in unconventional filed in western Canada.
  • SAGD completion.
  • Lessons learned.


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Mr. Hai Long Wang (Schlumberger Completion Engineer)


197 First Street, SW Calgary


2:00-4:30 pm