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Land Surveying for the Oil & Gas Activities in Alberta

Jiunhan Keong ( Altus Geomatics )


About the speaker

Mr. Jiunhan Keong is a Professional Engineer and a Professional Land Surveyor in Alberta and British Columbia, with over 12 years of land surveying experience.  He has a wide range of professional experience in various aspects of the geomatics industry, providing professional services to numerous sectors including the petroleum, power, construction and land development. He has managed wellsite & pipeline survey and mapping programs, of various sizes and in different regions in Alberta.  He was a Principal of Maltais Geomatics Inc when it was acquired by Altus Geomatics in 2014.


Prior to entering the land surveying profession, Mr. Keong worked in a Sino-Canadian Geomatics Joint Venture in China for three years. He holds a BScE in Surveying Engineering from the University of New Brunswick and a MSc in Geomatics Engineering from the University of Calgary.


Presentation Abstract

This presentation provides an overview of land surveying to the Oil & Gas audience in Alberta. Land surveying, together with GIS/Mapping, is an integral component of the Oil & Gas operations in Alberta.The presenter will discuss the profession of land surveying, as it relates to these activities, including wellsite programs, OSE, pipeline-right-of-ways, facilities constructions, just to name a few. The key elements of the Alberta Township System (ATS) will be introduced. Common terminologies such as LSD, UTM, NAD83, etc will also be explained.


To allow better understanding on why and how surface movement of a well-centre is required, the legislative surveying requirements from the governing bodies, particularly those from AER and ESRD, will be briefly summarized. Before the end of the session, the presenter will also showcase some of the recent advancements in surveying technology, such as GNSS, 3D Laser Scanning, UAV and LiDAR.


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Jiunhan Keong (Manager, Altus Geomatics Ltd.)


The Meeting Space, 200A Haddon Rd SW, Calgary AB , T2V 2Y6


2:00-4:30 pm

Land Surveying