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Oil Sand Delineation Well and SAGD drilling & Completion

Peter Liu, Steven Neu


About the speaker

Peter Liu: 1987 – 1991, Petroleum University (East China), Drilling Engineering. 1991 – 1997, North-China Oilfield, rig hand – well site drilling engineer – drilling engineer – drilling cost management accountant. 1997 – 2001, Drilling Bureau, CNPC Beijing Office, Project manager – Middle-East oilfield service development and operations. 2001 – 2002, SAIT, Bachelor of Applied Petroleum Engineering Technology. 2002 – 2003, MI Drilling Fluid. 2003 – 2005, Bissett Resource Consultant Ltd – specialized drilling & completions engineering consulting company for critical sour drilling and completions. 2005 – current, Drilling Engineer – Senior Drilling Engineer – Drilling Superintendent – Drilling Supervisor – Team Lead Drilling.





Presentation Abstract

Thermal Heavy Oil Delineation Drilling Completions Project Management

1. Delineation Wells also called Appraisal, Stratigraphic or core holes. Most of them are D&A.

2. Drilling for data – logging and cores

3. Some water source or disposal wells, observation wells are cased and cemented.

4. Mobilization and Demobilization

5. Single or Super-Single drilling rigs

6. Coring unit

7. Wireline or TLC Logging units

8. Camp site

9. Standby


SAGD Drilling and Completion

1. SAGD introduction

2. Advanced Drilling Technology: ADR, RSS, Ranging

3. SAGD Completion

4. SAGD Steam Injection


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Peter Liu (Devon Drilling Lead) Steven Neu (CNRL Sr. Drilling Engineer)


CNRL, 2500, 855 - 2 Street SW Calgary


2:00-4:30 pm


Oil Sand