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Remidial, Foam and Thermal Cementing


About the speaker

Speaker Biography:

Mr. Henry Jiao graduated from Petroleum University (East China) in 1990, 25-year experience with 16 years in cementing and 9 years in drilling. Worked for Tarim Oilfield Company for 13 years from 1990 to 2003.  Immigrated to Canada in May 2003, and since then, worked for various companies, such as Schlumberger, BJ, Tecknik Overseas, SSG, etc.. Currently with Sanjel started from Feb 2010.


Presentation Abstract

1. Remedial cement: common situations in remedial cementing and techniques and technologies available to increase the probability of operational success. We will talk about the following steps towards a successful remedial cementing:

1)     Understand your goal

2)      Choose depth of intervention

3)      Achieve appropriate communication

4)      Design squeeze strategy

5)      Conduct cement squeeze

6)      Review outcome.

2. Foam cementing:

1) Introduction to foamed cement.

2) Foamed cement safety.

3) Foamed cement applications.

4) Required equipment.

5) Methods of foam cementing.

6) Program overview.

7) Simulation overview.

8) Pre-job information.

9) Success criteria.

10) Troubleshooting.

3. Thermal cementing (SAGD):

1) Mechanical and thermal properties.

2) Thermal cement blends.

3) Recommended cementing practices.


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Henry Jiao


CNRL, 2500, 855 - 2 Street SW Calgary


2:00-4:30 pm


April 26, 2015